London Fire Brigade

Bedroom damaged by beauty mirror blaze

18 June 2012

Firefighters from the London Fire Brigade were called out to a house in Fulham this morning after a magnifying beauty mirror caused a bedroom blaze.

A 22 year-old woman was asleep in her bedroom and awoke to the smell of smoke. At first she thought the smell was coming from outside so went back to sleep, but when the smoke became more intense, she realised her curtains were on fire. The man whose house it was had been outside at the time and also spotted the flaming curtains. The pair attempted to douse the flames and the Brigade was called to put the fire completely out.

The magnifying mirror had been left next to a window and the Brigade’s fire investigators believe it concentrated the sun’s rays, causing the nearby curtains to catch fire.

Steve Lumb, the Brigade’s Borough Commander for Hammersmith and Fulham, said:  “I don’t think many people realise the dangers of leaving glass objects, like magnifying mirrors, too close to windows. In fact, anything that can concentrate the sun’s rays like fish bowls or glasses of water, should be kept away from windows to reduce the risk of a fire breaking out.”

An ambulance was called to the scene following the fire and the woman, along with the house owner, who’s thought to be in his 50s, were checked over for smoke inhalation at the scene. It is not thought that either was injured. There were two other people inside the house at the time and all four managed to escape before firefighters arrived on the scene. Part of the bedroom was damaged by the fire.

The Brigade was called to the fire at 0900, which was in Fulham SW6, this morning and the fire was brought under control by 0936. Two fire engines and around ten firefighters attended the incident. The engines were from Fulham and Hammersmith fire stations. A fire investigation unit from Dowgate also attended. 

The London Fire Brigade said its crews are called out around once per fortnight to fires caused by objects like mirrors, glass paperweights and jars which have concentrated the sun’s rays and set fire to nearby objects.