London Fire Brigade


Learning alongside the Brigade

LIFE (Local Intervention Fire Education) offers 14 to 17 year olds the opportunity to learn a range of skills while working alongside the Brigade.

The programme is an intensive four or five day course where young people learn the job of a firefighter.

Based in a local fire station, participants take part in a range of activities including casualty rescue techniques and using breathing apparatus equipment.

Launched in Tower Hamlets in 2002, as a response to antisocial behaviour against our firefighters, the LIFE scheme now operates in all London boroughs and has engaged with more than 12,000 young people.

Positive impact

Young people who complete a LIFE course leave feeling motivated with a new sense of direction and aspirations for the future.

In a survey of our participants, 100% of young people said they were "positively impacted" by the course.

Help change a young person's life

Do you know or work with a young person who would benefit from the LIFE programme? Find out more about the course.