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Hot date

If you have someone special in your life, chances are you’ll be doing something romantic this Valentine’s Day. However, embracing the romantic mood could make your evening hotter than you might expect! Follow our guide to creating a perfectly romantic – yet perfectly safe – night in.


Candles dotted around the room are a great way to create a romantic atmosphere. But they can easily cause a fire if they don’t have heatproof holders, if they’re too close to something flammable or if they’re left unattended. Keep an eye on them, and make sure you extinguish them before leaving the room. Don’t let your hot date end up as hot as the one in our video!

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Cooking a romantic meal is a great  way to show your loved one how you feel. But be aware that alcohol can hamper your awareness of your surroundings and make people more reckless when it comes to fire hazards. Avoid cooking after drinking alcohol and make sure to take any pans off the heat and turn off the hob or grill if you leave the kitchen. Don’t forget to turn everything off when you’ve finished. Cooking is the most common cause of fires in the home, so remember, it’s your date that’s supposed to be too hot to handle, not your food!

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