London Fire Brigade


The exercise had four overarching elements that tested a range of resources.

Activation of EU Civil Protection Mechanism

The UK identified its resources would benefit from support and requested assistance via the Common Emergency Communication and Information System (CECIS).

The request for assistance to the Emergency Response Coordination Centre (ERCC) was established through the UK's official channels (Cabinet Office, Civil Contingencies Secretariat) and coordinated through the ERCC and the official channels of the member states. 

The Mechanism was activated along with an EU Civil Protection Team.

Live exercise

The exercise was a complex scenario that presented a range of challenges to frontline responders from all participating agencies and specialist teams, such as those that undertake Urban Search and Rescue (fire service), Hazardous Area Response Teams (ambulance service) and Disaster Victim Identification (police service)

The UK implemented host nation support arrangements.

Command Post Exercise

In addition to the live exercise, the scenario required activation of London's strategic coordination arrangements, various emergency plans and central government involvement to consider wider consequence management and provide coordination of a large number of multi-agency emergency responders.


A dedicated evaluation team developed a methodology that linked the objectives and expected results to the actual outcomes of the exercise conduct. 

Furthermore they designed the scope, methodology and data capture for the evaluation of all elements of the exercise. A final report will be produced to present the learning and any areas for improvement that are identified following the conclusion of the exercise.