London Fire Brigade

Aims and evaluation

Exercise Unified Response (EUR) took place between 29 February and 3 March 2016 and is widely acknowledged as the largest emergency service exercise ever organised in London.

It involved over 150 partner organisations from across the public, private and voluntary sectors. This included representatives from across the UK National Resilience network, Interpol, the EU Civil Protection Mechanism as well as all of London's Blue Light Emergency Response partners.

A key aim of the exercise was to test the capital's emergency services' ability to work effectively with each other and with other key agencies from across the UK and Europe.

EUR was also designed to validate arrangements for integrating assistance from specialist teams, such as those responsible for Urban Search & Rescue (USAR) and Disaster Victim Identification (DVI), which are based elsewhere in the UK and in other countries inside the EU, which had only been tested once before.

The exercise proved to be a huge success and generated interest across the globe. The evaluation report has delivered over 70 recommendations, which are aimed to improve the emergency services ability to respond to a major incident.

Overall EUR demonstrated London to be a resilient global city. This was visible at the Croydon Tram derailment and Westminster Bridge attack, where crews, who had trained together at EUR and had built professional relationships, worked closely to successfully resolve both incidents.