London Fire Brigade

Education Team

Teaching fire safety in schools

We provide free fire safety education to children in primary and secondary schools within Greater London.

Our dedicated team of education officers carry out interactive educational workshops and visit approximately 100,000 Key Stage 1, Key Stage 2 and Key Stage 3 children every year.

Officers use their training, experience and expertise to deliver fire safety messages in a sensitive and reassuring way to ensure children understand the importance of home fire safety without becoming unduly worried about a fire happening in their home. 

The workshops are also carefully managed to reduce the risk of their natural curiosity about fire developing into an interest in deliberately lighting fires.

The skills and knowledge gained during the free educational workshops can be used by young people throughout their lives and into adulthood.

They are encouraged to share these important messages with their friends and families, helping to make them safer from fire in the home too.

Fire safety at home

Although our aim is to make children 'fire safe' by teaching them about the dangers of fire and smoke, responsibility for making their home safer is very much placed with parents and guardians.

This approach is especially important for younger children who could easily become overwhelmed or anxious if left feeling they are solely responsible for keeping everyone safe. 

It also means that they do not put themselves at risk by trying to deal with fire hazards themselves. Make sure your family Know The Plan should a fire occur in your home.