London Fire Brigade

Contingency plans

Fire rescue cover during a strike

The Authority has a legal duty to provide London with an emergency fire and rescue service and has taken action to ensure the continuing provision of a reduced service during a strike (or any other event which deprives the Brigade of its usual workforce).

The provision, known as Capital Guard, is a contracted service providing fire engines during periods of strike action. It is intended to provide a reduced level of operational capability sufficient to fulfil the Authority's basic statutory duties.

This means fire engines will attend a limited range of incidents and that, in the first instance, the normal initial attendance to incidents will be just one fire engine.

Level of response

The level of response available from the London Fire Brigade during any period of industrial action does not affect the likelihood of a fire occurring in a workplace or other premises. However, the vigilance and management of responsible persons can reduce the risk of fire.

Calling 999

The 999/112 system will continue to operate as normal. However, automatic fire alarm systems, which direct calls through to alarm receiving centres, will not generate an attendance unless a 999 call is made to confirm there is a fire.

During periods of strike action it is foreseeable that:

  • Fire Brigade attendance times to some incidents will increase
  • Only a contingency level of service will be available
  • Crews attending will not be familiar with premises or the local geography

Response to lift incidents

In the event of a lift becoming stuck, calls to us should only be made if people in the lift are at immediate risk or in such distress as to need medical attention.

Persons responsible for premises with lifts must provide details of how to contact the responsible maintenance company, both in the lift and where alarm calls from the lift are received in the building.

Business response

In these circumstances, it is vital that other bodies and organisations consider measures that could help safeguard London in times of reduced fire cover.