London Fire Brigade

What happened after the Great Fire?

St Paul's Cathedral

St. Paul's Cathedral

The original cathedral was destroyed by the Great Fire. Christopher Wren designed the new cathedral, which is still standing today.

As a result of the fire, London had to be almost totally reconstructed. Initially this meant temporary buildings, which were makeshift, ill equipped and disease easily spread.  Many people died from this and the harsh winter that followed.

The cost of the fire was £10m, at a time when London’s annual income was only £12,000. Many people were financially ruined and debtors' prisons became over crowded. 

There were some benefits of the fire. One of these was that the black plague which had killed many people was eliminated by the burning down of diseased, rat-infested properties.

The new city was planned by Christopher Wren and rebuilt using stone over the following 30 years.

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Did you know

Christopher Wren wanted, and planned a very Italian city but his plans weren't accepted.