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Tip 7 - Get out, stay out, call us out:

Tip 7: Get out, stay out, call us out - You wake up to find a fire raging through your house. What do you do? Our advice is to get out (if it’s safe to do so), stay out and call us out by ringing 999. Remember: Get Out. Stay Out. Call us Out. You should never try to fight a fire yourself.


Tip 6 - Candles

Tip 6: Candles - there’s no doubt candles looks great but they can easily cause a blaze – thousands of people’s homes are destroyed by candle fires each year. It’s surprising how many people don’t blow them out when they leave the house or go to bed. If you leave the room blow candles out, that’s the only way to ensure they won’t start a fire. You should also make sure candles and tealights are placed on a heat resistant surface, like a ceramic plate, otherwise they can easily melt the surface they’re placed on and start a fire.

The candle safety section of our website includes more top tips on how to prevent candle fires.

Tip 5 - Smoking

Tip 5 - Smoking: We know you don’t all smoke but you probably know someone who does so we’re hoping you’ll pass this on. Four out of ten fatal fires are caused by cigarettes. Make sure your cig’s completely out once you’ve finished with it – sounds simple but lots of people chuck them in the bin when they’re still lit. There are still around 800 fires each year in London that are caused by smoking materials like cigarettes, matches and lighters. That’s 800 fires too many as far as we’re concerned. You can read more about cigarettes and fire safety on our website.

Tip 4 - Cooking

Tip 4 - Cooking: Need an excuse to take greater care in the kitchen? Here’s a good one - in the last 5 years there were over 17,500 fires in London kitchens, causing over 2600 injuries and 24 deaths. What’s worrying is that nearly 1 in 3 of these fires is started by a young professional. Never leave your cooking unattended, not even for a moment. You can learn more about how to stay safe in your kitchen on our website.

Tip 3 - Smoke alarms

Tip 3 -Smoke alarms: Want to know how to improve your chance of surviving a fire at home? The answer is simple: fit smoke alarms on each level of your home and test them often. Many fire related deaths are caused by people being overcome by smoke and fumes, not just burns. A smoke alarm could save your life as it’ll buy you precious seconds to escape if a fire breaks out. Find out more about smoke alarms.

Get off your feet and fit a smoke alarm

Tip 2 - Escape routes

Tip 2 - Escape routes: Having an escape route could be the difference between life and death if there’s a fire in your home. Why not plan your great escape now rather than waiting until there’s a fire? The best route’s usually the normal way in and out of your home and it’s really important to make sure your exit isn’t blocked by any clutter. Make sure everyone in your home knows where the keys to doors and windows are kept, so if there’s a fire you can all get out.

Escaping from a fire video

Tip 1 – Electrical appliances

Tip 1 - Electrical appliances: Dodgy wiring, faulty electrical appliances and overloaded plug sockets can all cause serious house fires. Call a repairman if you notice: strange noises or smells from an appliance, hot plugs, scorch marks on sockets, plugs and fuse boxes, fuses that blow for no reason or lights that flicker. And remember – it’s never a good idea to overload plug sockets.

Find out more about electrical equipment and fire safety.


Share it, Save a Life

On Saturday 24 September a woman and five of her children lost their lives in the most serious house fire in London in over a decade.

This tragic event has made many people think about fire safety in their home which is why we’ve launched our Facebook campaign, Share it, Save a Life. Each day for the next week we will post a top fire safety tip on our Facebook page. And that’s where you come in – if you’re on Facebook we’d like you to click ‘share’ under each tip to share it with all of your friends. The idea is that they will then share it with their friends, and so on.

There are around 50,000 fires in people’s homes across the UK each year. By helping us to share our fire safety tips on Facebook we think we can reduce these fires and maybe even save lives.

Can you help us to share these vital fire safety messages with one million people on Facebook?

Share it, Save a Life.

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