London Fire Brigade


London faces a range of threats and hazards, and we are constantly developing plans to ensure we are always prepared and resourced to provide whatever response is necessary.

In recent years we have made substantial investment in additional vehicles, equipment, and training for our firefighters to manage major incidents.

We have also improved our capacity to deal with the consequences of terrorist attacks, extreme weather conditions and other large scale emergencies.

Planning our response to new threats and hazards, and giving necessary specialist training to our staff remains a priority.

As part of our commitment to ensuring London is resilient to emergencies we host the London Resilience Group (LRG), which is jointly funded by the Brigade, local authorities and the Greater London Authority.

The LRG is the centre of excellence that helps the London Resilience Partnership do its work. It supports the development of the capital's resilience by: 

  • Helping provide a secretariat to regional forums, coordinating the development of plans and capabilities.
  • Supporting local authority emergency planning and response.
  • Leading the planning process for agencies to respond to accidents at major industrial sites.
  • Supporting pan-London arrangements if there is major incident in the capital.

Visit the London Prepared website for more information about the risk of emergencies and how people and businesses can support the capital's resilience plans.