London Fire Brigade

Regulatory safety

We will always take urgent enforcement action when we believe public safety is being put at risk in buildings.

The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 came into force on 1 October 2006. It greatly increased the number of premises for which we have enforcement responsibility.

The law applies to all non-domestic premises and was the biggest shake-up of fire safety legislation for more than 30 years. The premises it applies to include offices, shops, care homes, community halls, pubs, clubs, restaurants, schools, marquees, hotels, hostels, factories and warehouses.

Responsibility for complying with the order rests with employers in the workplace, but could also be on an owner or occupier.

If you are responsible for a building then you must ensure all necessary fire precautions are in place. Fire certificates are no longer issued.

You must carry out a fire risk assessment which pays attention to the needs of those at special risk from fire and the materials on the premises.

You need to reduce or remove any fire risks in your premises and ensure everyone in the premises is protected. Our fire safety training courses will help you and your staff reduce the risk of fire at work and help you stay safe if a fire does break out. Advice is also available from your local borough team.