London Fire Brigade

LGA Fire Peer Challenge

The Local Government Association (LGA) has developed a peer challenge, in partnership with the Chief Fire Officers Association.

The Brigade took part in the challenge during March and April 2015.

The LGA Fire Peer Challenge 2015 was based on sector led improvement to support the drive towards local accountability for performance and self-regulation.

It was delivered at no cost to the Brigade.


We provided a self-assessment to the peer challenge team.

The team used the LGA self-assessment prior to their onsite visit to understand the context and current arrangements that the Authority has in place to deliver its services.

The self-assessment is split into three sections:

  • An overview that sets the scene for London in terms of the services provided
  • The seven key operational assessment areas, as set out by the LGA
  • The four corporate focus areas the Authority selected for review

Onsite visits

The peer challenge team's visit to the Brigade was split into two phases.

The first phase, in March 2015, focused on the Brigade headquarters and the four corporate focus areas the Authority selected:

  • Value for money
  • Information sharing
  • Operational competence
  • Industrial relations

The second phase, in April 2015, focused on station visits and other venues such as Control.

The team looked into the four corporate focus areas as well as the standard key assessment areas.

Final report

The LGA's final report was approved by the Authority on 1 October 2015.

The report contained a number of recommendations along with the Brigade's response and action plan.