London Fire Brigade

Public register of notices

What is the public register?

As part of our work to keep London safe, London Fire Brigade (LFB) visits and inspects a range of premises. If we discover problems that could make premises unsafe, we can take action to ensure the responsible person for the premises solves these problems. This includes issuing legal notices, which require the responsible person to take specific action, usually within a specified time, to ensure the premises are safe.

As an enforcing authority of fire safety legislation, LFB is required by law (the Environment and Safety Information Act 1988) to maintain a public register which gives some information about these notices.

Notices included on the register are:

Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005

  • Alterations notices
  • Enforcement notices
  • Prohibition/Restriction notices

Health and safety at work, Act 1974

  • Section 21 Improvement notice
  • Section 22 Prohibition notice

See our glossary for definitions of the types of notices and other terms to help you understand the register.

How the public register works

The London Fire Brigade online register contains details of notices from 1 January 2010. You can search for notices by borough.

Details of notices served prior to 2010 can be viewed at our area fire safety offices. Hard copies of register entries can be viewed free of charge at any reasonable time by contacting the relevant area fire safety centre.

LFB maintains the register entries. Each entry on the register provides sufficient detail to convey the substance of the notice to which it relates, as required by the Environment and Safety Information Act 1988.

LFB is unlikely to provide full copies of notices, as they are generally exempt information by virtue of Section 30(1)(b) and Section 31(1)(a) and (b) of the Freedom of Information Act 2000.

How long is information held for?

Entries will appear on the register 28 days after they've been issued, subject to appeal, and will be on there for a period of three years, or six months following the completion of any work that has been done to deal with fire safety issues, whichever is the longer.

The information held on the public register is managed by the Fire Safety Regulation department of the LFB.

View the public register of notices