London Fire Brigade

Members' allowances

There is an allowance scheme for Authority Members and each year we publicise the total sums paid to each Member.

The main features of our allowance scheme are as follows:

An annual basic allowance of £7,750.00 is payable to LFEPA’s borough representatives and Mayoral appointees.

Special Responsibility Allowances (SRAs) are payable at the rates below to borough members or Mayoral appointees who hold these positions of responsibility.

SRAs are payable to London Assembly representatives who hold the position of Chairman and Vice Chairman of the Authority. No other special responsibility allowances are payable to London Assembly representatives, and no Member is entitled to receive more than one SRA.





Chairman of Resources Committee  


Chairmen of Strategy and Governance, Audit and Performance Committees

£7,500.00 (each)

Leader of second largest group


Other allowances

Expenses of up to £750 incurred by the Chairman and other members in receiving and entertaining distinguished visitors to London and people connected with public services can be reimbursed.

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