London Fire Brigade

London in 1666

London in 1666

View of London in the Great Fire

In order to escape the fire many people used boats to travel across the river, to the south of the city, where the fire had not spread.

London, at the time, was not aware of the dangers of fire, with buildings made of timber covered in pitch, and tightly packed together. The upper floors often projected out above the lower floors. This meant that the upper floors would reach the neighbours’ houses, and flames could easily spread from building to building. There were also many warehouses which mainly stored combustible goods, such as oil and tarrow.

A long, dry summer had brought drought to the city. Water was scarce and the wooden houses had dried out making them easy to burn.

How did the Great Fire start

Did you know

London was largely Protestant at the time, and feared that the fire was the work of Catholic spies!