London Fire Brigade

Brigade issues water warning after river rescue

30 April 2012

London Fire Brigade has issued a warning about the dangers of playing in water after being called to rescue three children who got into trouble on the River Ravensbourne in Lewisham yesterday evening.

The children - two girls and a boy – were spotted by police in the river near Ravensbourne Park on Brookmill Road and the force of the water had begun to sweep the three downstream.

Water rescue teams, including a boat from Lewisham’s fire rescue unit, were sent to where the children had been spotted and also further downstream to Creek Bend on Creek Road.

Silvertown Station Manager Laurie Kenny who was at the scene said: “The bad weather yesterday and higher than usual water levels caused these three children to be swept off their feet. Fortunately the two girls managed to get themselves out and we picked the boy up under a bridge downstream from where they had entered the river. But this incident  just goes to show that even if it doesn’t seem particularly deep, if you wade into moving water, it can still be highly dangerous. Our advice is clear -  stay out of the water.”

All three children were unharmed.

The Brigade was called at 1816 and the incident was over by around 1915. Fire crews from Lewisham and the surrounding area attended the incident.