London Fire Brigade

Ilford – flat fire

02 March 2011

Three fire engines and around 15 firefighters were called to a fire in a 12-storey block of flats on Grantham Road in Ilford, in the early hours of this morning. 

Around half of the second floor flat was damaged by fire, with some smoke damage to the lobby area above the property. A woman was rescued from the flat by firefighters wearing breathing apparatus and was taken to hospital by London Ambulance Service crews. A man left the property before the Brigade arrived.

Red Watch Manager Nigel McCormick from Ilford fire station said: “Our breathing apparatus crew searched the affected flat and found an unconscious woman. We moved her to the ground floor lobby area where one of our firefighters performed resuscitation, until paramedics arrived and took over. “

He added: “We worked really hard to contain the fire within the second floor property and prevent it from spreading to the adjoining flats. “

The Brigade was called at 0310 and the fire was under control at 0416. Crews from Ilford and East Ham stations were at the scene.

The cause of the fire is under investigation.