London Fire Brigade

Mother and six children escape from Edmonton fire

16 August 2013

Sunlight shining through a window and refracting off perfume bottles on the windowsill is believed to have caused a fire in a house in Edmonton last night.

The blaze severely damaged the first floor of the terraced house on Hydeside Gardens, in Lower Edmonton, N9.

A mother and six children left the house before the Brigade arrived and were not injured.

Edmonton fire station Watch Manager Adam Baker said:

"The fire was just around the corner from the fire station so we were there in 30 seconds and managed to stop it spreading to the roof.

"Flames were shooting out of the bedroom window and melted the frame and the rest of the top floor was full of smoke when we arrived.

"The family all managed to get out quickly and they did the right thing by getting out and staying out.

"Try to avoid keeping mirrors and glass on windowsills as the magnification can cause the sun’s rays to focus and set fire to things."

The fire comes just a week after a mirror caused a house fire in Enfield while residents were on holiday. Fortunately, in that case, there was a working smoke alarm in the home and a neighbour heard it and rang the Brigade, meaning firefighters could arrive quickly and minimise the damage.

Four fire engines, two from Edmonton fire station and one each from Tottenham and Southgate fire stations went to the scene with 21 firefighters and officers.

The Brigade was called at 2006 and the fire was under control by 2047.