London Fire Brigade

James Braidwood and the London Fire Engine Establishment (LFEE)

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James Braidwood

James Braidwood

Braidwood was the first superintendent of the London Fire Engine Establishment.

In 1833, 10 independent insurance companies joined together to form the LFEE. In this way they could provide the public with a more resourceful and effective fire brigade.

James Braidwood was the Chief Officer of the LFEE for 28 years. He was an experienced fireman from Edinburgh and took the job very seriously. He introduced a uniform of grey jacket and trousers with knee high boots and black leather helmet.

Braidwood became a well-loved and popular character for all his hard work and research into firefighting and prevention.

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Did you know

James Braidwood was originally a surveyor, so he had learnt a lot about the structure of buildings before becoming a fireman.