London Fire Brigade

Request a home fire safety visit

Request a home fire safety visit online.

What is a home fire safety visit?

We will visit you at home to offer advice on how to make your home safe and where appropriate fit a smoke alarm for free.

Who is eligible?

We only target our visits at people and places where we know there is a higher risk of fire. This includes high risk individuals such as older people, especially those living alone, those with mobility, vision and hearing impairment, mental health services users and those liable to intoxication through alcohol/drug use. A combination of these factors will significantly increase the risk from fire.

Why request a visit?

If you are concerned that your home may be at risk of fire or know someone who you think needs our help then please arrange a visit.

How long will it take to complete the form?

No more than a couple of minutes.

What do we do with your personal information?

See our privacy statement.


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