London Fire Brigade

How to book a home fire safety visit

We want to stop fires from happening and you are far less likely to have a fire in your home if you have received a home fire safety visit. That is why we offer them free, to help make you safer.

Even a small fire in your home can lead to substantial damage, which could be expensive to repair and leave you unable to stay in your property for a number of weeks.

What happens during a home fire safety visit?

Our firefighters will visit you in your home and provide you with bespoke advice, based on your household and lifestyle, to minimise the risk of a blaze.

Crews may suggest moving items or furniture as part of any safety recommendations made during the home fire safety visit, if they identify them as hazards.

If you ask us to help you move anything, firefighters may assist but this will be at their own discretion and only with your permission.

We may fit free smoke alarms in your property during the assessment.

When can I have a home fire safety visit?

Our home fire safety visits can take place any day of the week, at any time that is convenient for you.

The assessment takes as long as necessary but first-time visits are allocated up to 90 minutes.

  • Alternatively call 0800 028 44 28

For urgent, out of hour referrals, please contact 0208 555 1200 and inform the switchboard you need to book a home fire safety visit.

Worried about a neighbour or relative?

We want to ensure anyone who may have increased fire risks are provided with appropriate protection.

Although everyone is eligible for a free, home fire safety visit we have identified a number of health and lifestyle behaviours that increase the likelihood of being involved in a fire.

Risk Assessment form

Assess someone's risk of having a fire with our person centred risk assessment checklist. 

If you know or work with anyone who may have an increased risk of fire, who is less able to react or has a reduced ability to escape in the occurrence of a fire, please encourage them to book a free, home fire safety visit. These may include factors such as being a smoker, a hoarder, having an alcohol dependency or suffering from mobility issues.



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