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Firefighter's diary

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To help spread our key fire safety messages, a series of short films called the Firefighter’s Diary are being released on YouTube over the next five months. In each video diary entry, Firefighter Ben speaks about the work he does for the London Fire Brigade giving an insight into station life.

Episode 5

In Ben’s fifth and final diary entry he talks to us about planning our escape route.


Episode 4

Firefighter Ben carries out a home fire safety visit and advises a Londoner about how and where to fit a smoke alarm.

Episode 3

Last month Ben talked about deliberate fires and shows us things to look out for so that you can help to prevent them.

Episode 2

In February, to coincide with National Chip Week, Ben talked about the dangers of cooking with hot oil and gave some good advice to keep us safe in the kitchen.

Episode 1

Ben and his watch look at how alcohol and cigarettes contribute to increased numbers of fires in the winter months.