London Fire Brigade

Escape planning quiz (Text Only Version)

1) What should you do if your smoke alarm starts to beep?

a. Ignore it, it's probably a false alarm
b. Go into every room to find the fire and put it out
c. Shout 'fire' to make sure everyone in the house knows there is a fire

2) When leaving your house because of a fire, what should you do before opening any doors?

a. Test if the door handle is hot or warm with the back of your hand
b. Open it straight away without testing if it is warm
c. Knock on it

3) What should you do if you can't escape?

a. Make some toast
b. Stay in the room and block gaps under the door to stop smoke getting in
c. Watch the TV

4) What should you do if there is a lot of smoke?

a. Hold your breath
b. Keep low down and crawl along the floor
c. Run through it

5) What should you do once you are safely out of your home?

a. Go back inside for your toys and pets
b. Go for a hamburger
c. Call '999' and ask for the fire brigade or ask a grown up to do it