London Fire Brigade

Equality and diversity

Our diversity policy helps outline how we support individuals to achieve their aims of feeling safe, being treated with respect and feeling included.

Public Sector Equality Duty - equality objectives

Our objectives, published in-line with The Public Sector Equality Duty (PSED) of the Equality Act 2010, are:

  • To continue to self-assess against the Fire and Rescue Service Equality Framework and report on progress annually to the Authority's Corporate Management Board
  • To increase the diversity of our workforce at all levels and in all occupational groups
  • To continue to prioritise Home Fire Safety Visits to high risk people and places
  • To continue the programme of delivering fire safety workshops to primary school children and monitor the percentage of school visits to high risk areas
  • To increase the number of fire safety audits and inspections carried out
  • To support the diverse base of suppliers accessing our contract opportunities through the procurement procedures we use
  • To ensure that in all new build fire stations, community facilities are included

Employment data

Under the PSED, we are required once a year to publish data on equality in the workforce, including the results of employment monitoring on race, gender, disability and sexual orientation.

We also monitor the number of staff who have been involved in grievance and disciplinary procedures, have benefitted or suffered as a result of performance assessments, or are leaving employment and we record additional information on age and faith where relevant.

Gender pay gap data

As a functional body of the Greater London Authority (GLA) we have a commitment to publish gender pay gap data and undertake work to narrow any gaps. We agree with the Mayor of London that this is necessary in order to address any inequalities so that male and female employees receive the same pay for the same work.

London Fire Brigade Gender Pay Gap Reporting: March 2017 data

London Fire Brigade Gender Pay Gap Action Plan: March 2017

London Fire Brigade Gender pay gap reporting: March 2016 data  PDF(484KB)

Ethnicity pay gap

London Fire Brigade Ethnicity Pay Gap Summary 2016-17 PDF 777 KB
London Fire Brigade Ethnicity pay gap narrative 2016-17 PDF 71 KB

Performance monitoring

In order to protect people, property and the environment, and prevent fires from happening in the first place, we target those people most at risk.

Not all people with protected characteristics are most at risk, but the majority of those vulnerable to fire have protected characteristics.

How we identify and manage risk is detailed in our Integrated Risk Management Plan or London Safety Plan.

An update on our performance on equality matters can be found in FEP2360 Managing Diversity – Progressing Equality of Provision (Strategy Committee 18 November 2014).

Equality framework for the fire and rescue service

The equality framework for the fire and rescue service was launched in the Autumn of 2009, replacing the Equality Standard for Local Government. 

Since January 2010, LFEPA has been working within the 'Excellent' level of the Framework. 

We will continue to measure our progress on equality and diversity issues and will self-assess against the Framework.

Equality analysis

Equality analyses helps us improve the lives of our staff and the services we provide for Londoners, while assessing the impact of our policies and services and reducing any adverse effects they might have.

LFEPA considers the potential impact of its policies and services in accordance with the Equality Act 2010, with regard to each of the protected characteristics, and carries out proportionate equality analyses. 

For further information on specific analyses, please contact: