London Fire Brigade

Enforcement: fire safety legislation

We target our resources and inspections at those premises that present the highest risk.  We respond to complaints about fire safety, undertake post fire investigations where poor fire safety matters are discovered and carry out targeted or sampling inspections. Our fire safety inspecting officers seek to  provide information which is consistent, appropriate, transparent and timely.  They are based in local offices which serve a particular geographical area.

Where breaches of fire safety legislation occur we will provide practical advice or, where the risk is serious, formal enforcement notices. Except in the most serious cases, we will work in partnership with the responsible person in order to achieve a satisfactory level of fire safety.

Where there is a very serious life risk we will  issue a notice preventing the premises being used for certain things, (such as sleeping) or prohibiting all or part of the premises being used at all.

In all cases there will be a right of appeal, both informally and formally. An informal appeal, normally to a more experienced fire safety manager, can sometimes identify a different method of complying with the Order. If this is unsuccessful, you can appeal formally to a Magistrate. There will also be the opportunity to agree to go to an informal tribunal to agree a remedy where a notice relates to technical issues.