London Fire Brigade

Procurement - requests for information

Requests relating to all assets including vehicles, equipment, property, personal protective equipment, uniforms, contracts, tenders, suppliers.

Summary of request Response

Information in relation to the Organisations IT Service Management (ITSM) solutions.

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Information related to the Brigade's energy management system

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Roll out schedule for new model appliances in 2017

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Distribution of new pump's to Illford fire station

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Information on the new LFB Mercedes-Benz Atego Pumps/Pump Ladders rollout.

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Statistical and Financial information on interpreting services used by the LFB.

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Information on the Authority's contact centre and inbound network services contracts

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Tender information for the LFEPA commissioned report by BRE Global Ltd on the effectiveness of the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety)

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Speeding tickets were issued to London Fire Brigade vehicles responding to 999 calls over the last three years

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Contractual information regarding LFB's HR and Payroll software

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Availability of training courses for FRS/non operational staff

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Price achieved at the time of disposal of blue light vehicle fleet for 2014/15

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List of all LFB emergency appliances including lease cars

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Mobile phone contract

FOIA 1301.1 PDF icon

Subcontractors, suppliers and consultants involved in the demolition of buildings and construction of new fire station at Walthamstow

FOIA 1268.1 PDF icon

Subcontractors, suppliers and consultants involved in the construction of Holloway Fire Station

FOIA 1267.1 PDF icon

Supplier List/Framework Agreement for the supply of contingent labour (temporary, contract, interim) or permanent IT/ICT staff

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Money was spent on buying bottled water for Firefighters.

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LFB contract for psychotherapy/counselling services.

FOIA 1053.1 PDF icon

Contract value of "Access Assurance Suite".

FOIA 1064.1 PDF icon

Contract: UK-London: construction project management services, won in 2009.

FOIA 1176.1 PDF icon

LFB telecommunications contracts.

FOIA 1198.1 PDF icon

Server and Virtualisation Software

FOIA 1212.1 PDF icon

Finance and Personnel Committee Members - AssetCo Update 29 March 2012

FOIA 1233.1 PDF icon

Provision and maintenance of LFB fire appliances following the administration of Asset Co

FOIA 1009.1 PDF icon

Administration of Asset Co and its impact on the service provided by the LFB

FOIA 1005.1 PDF icon

Fleet and operational equipment items management and maintenance contract between LFEPA and Asset Co -part 2

FOIA 909.2 PDF icon

Fleet and operational equipment items management and maintenance contract between LFEPA and Asset Co -part 1

FOIA 909.1 PDF icon

Emergency fire crew capability contract (EFCC) and the Fire Brigade's Union (FBU) industrial action in 2010.

FOIA 739.1 PDF icon

London Fire Brigades' fleet list

FOIA 282.3 PDF icon

Use of self contained breathing apparatus by Asset Co fire crew during the FBU industrial action in 2010

FOIA 758.2 PDF icon

Delivery of the Emergency Fire Crew Capability Contract (EFCC).

FOIA 738.1 PDF icon

Brigade overall training budget including details for operational training

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