London Fire Brigade

Staffing and employment - requests for information

Requests relating to staff numbers, structure charts, staff training, health and safety of staff, terms and conditions.

Summary of request Response

Postal areas in which employees live.

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Copies of research into the #Firefightingsexism and latest recruitment campaign

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Questions relating to the appoint of a director as a statutory head of paid service.

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Information on operational recruitment training courses, including; time and cost.

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Staff numbers and response times in Hackney from 2010-2017.

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Headcount figure of LFB employee's as of March 31 2016 and 2017.

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How many staff (based in Tower Hamlets) were off due to stress, and for how long, from 2013 to the present day.

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Staff disciplinary action taken between 2014-2016.

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Staffing and sick leave figures from 2011/12 to 2015/16

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The service’s policy on suspending someone who has been charged with a criminal offence.

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Sick days taken by Firefighters due to stress-related illness

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Number of employee's from G51 West Hampstead Fire station who have undertaken outside employment since 2002

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Number of employees who have taken a leave of absence or been discharged due to their weight levels.

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Pensionable Payments (Norman v Cheshire) compliance

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The amount of staff training “away days” and/or team-building days have been carried out for staff in the last three years.

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The amount of stage 1, 2, & 3 discipline cases were there between June 1st 2014 - June 1st 2015

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Who were the first black fire fighters in the London fire brigade

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Headcount of employees in the London Fire Brigade, measured by headcount, on 31 March 2014 and on 31 March 2015.

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The number of attacks/assaults on fire and rescue service personnel employed by fire and rescue services from April to March: 2012-13, 2013-14 and 2014-15.

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Information regarding the amount of career breaks requested by Brigade staff since the schemes implementation

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Statistics regarding the suspensions of fire officers within the Brigade over the past five financial years: 2010-2015

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Request regarding information about the rehiring of former employees

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Questions regarding employment and redeployment of fire fighters over the last five years

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Average staff hours worked and staff turnover for past five years

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VO2 standards for staff within the Authority

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Request regarding contractual information on the supplier of temporary agency staff

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Request regarding the number of London Fire fighters fatally injured, severely injured and mildly injured over the last ten years

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The process for and number of DBS checks carried out on staff since 2012.

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Trade Union facility time

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Firefighter recruitment

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Staff earning over £100,000.

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Staff headcount by group

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Staff headcount by group

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Firefighter fitness tests

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Money paid to trade unions

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Second jobs or trades undertaken by current full time Firefighters

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Provisions for study for fulltime operational staff

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Pension reviews in the last 10 years

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Promotions of female staff above the rank of senior divisional officer in the last five years

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Money spent on social media training.

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Operational Firefighter "fit to return to duty" after long term sickness absence.

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The use of percentile marking in LFB exams

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Guidance or instructions to show how LFB staff in "call centres" deal with emergency or non-emergency calls from the public

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Long term sickness in the LFB

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Recruitment schemes

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Staff sickness in the borough of Wandsworth

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Organisation chart for the communications team

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Effectiveness of psychometric testing in relation to performance

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LFB staff turnover

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Station operations and the use of retained fire fighters

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