London Fire Brigade

Corporate governance - requests for information

Requests relating to how the Authority is run and how decisions are made.

Summary of request Response

Copy of Privacy Impact Assessment form

FOIA 3104.1 PDF icon

Questions related to documents sent from CFOA/NFCC to all UK Chief Fire Officers requesting them to agree to the decisions and/or advice made by the National Fire Chiefs Council (NFCC)

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Information on the Brigade's cyber security and any history of Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks on its systems.

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Annual report for 2015/16 and strategy for 2017.

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Correspondence and documents from the LSP5 member working group.

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Information relating to Suite 7 at The Arena Business Centre, Stockley Park, Uxbridge, UB11 1AA

FOIA 2554.1 PDF icon

Planned station closures in 2016

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Request for information relating to our housing stock located within the City of Westminster as at 1 April 2015

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A list of each database the Authority holds.

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Freedom of Information Act 2000 requests for information 2010-2014

FOIA 2212.1 PDF icon

Proposed fire station closures expected in 2015.

FOIA 2042.1 PDF icon

Cost, budget and staffing information relating to the Authority’s contingency arrangements during recent periods of industrial action.

FOIA 2038.1 PDF icon

Amount spent on lobbying

FOIA 1486.1 PDF icon

Cost of £37 million for false alarms

FOIA 1447.1 PDF icon

Geographic/GIS data used for the Fire Service modelling exercise

FOIA 1419.1 PDF icon

Freedom of Information Act 2000 requests for information 2008 - 2012

FOIA 1393.1 PDF icon

Charging for fire reports.

FOIA 1161.1 PDF icon

Details of the LFB Senior Information Risk Officer (SIRO).

FOIA 1205.1 PDF icon

Business continuity plan

FOIA 608.1 PDF icon

Authority meetings

FOIA 788.1 PDF icon

Mission statement

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