London Fire Brigade

Corporate publications

We produce a range of corporate publications including:  

Our Performance

Every year we set targets and monitor our performance against them and make any improvements we can to the services we provide in London.

Some of these targets are about reducing fires and other emergency incidents, others are about how we deliver our emergency response and the community safety prevention work we do.

Other targets relate to how well we run our organisation.

The Our Performance section has further details and the latest report.

Risk Management Strategy

Our Risk Management Strategy provides a clear direction of travel for the Brigade's risk management arrangements over the next three years.

It has been compiled with best practice in mind (BS31100:2011) but the strategy also takes into account our history and the challenging risk environment that we face as an organisation.
The Strategy outlines our key focus areas, what we will do to achieve those objectives and forms part of our management toolkit to deliver better services.

Statement of accounts (with annual governance statement)

The Authority's annual statement of accounts reports the financial position of the Authority at the end of the year and transactions during the year.

The statement of accounts is audited by the Authority's external auditor and includes an explanatory foreword, income and expenditure account, balance sheet, and the firefighters pension fund account with supporting notes.

The annual governance statement, which is published with the statement of accounts, shows our governance arrangements, explaining the purpose of the framework.

GLA Group Efficiency Plan

In March 2016 the Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government invited local authorities to publish locally owned and locally driven four year efficiency plans.

The Greater London Authority Group Efficiency Plans for the four year period 2016-17 to 2019-20 contains the individual efficiency plans for each of the respective functional bodies.

Audit documents