London Fire Brigade

Volvo FL6 Saxon pump ladder

These vehicles contained a range of rescue tools and apparatus in addition to the normal fire fighting equipment.

This was a standard appliance and all stations within the Brigade were issued with at least one.

It carried a 44ft (13.5m) ladder, which was a replacement for the earlier wheeled escapes.

At stations with only one pump ladder the appliance also carried a 31ft (9.5m) ladder.

Technical information

  • Crew: five or sixfirefighters
  • Equipment: delivery hose, suction hose, branches, breathing apparatus, 1300 litre water tank, RTC hydraulic cutting and spreading equipment, 44ft (13.5m) or 31ft (9.5m) extension ladder - or both, roof ladder.
  • Pumping capacity: 800 gallons per minute
  • Speed: 60mph+
  • Engine: Volvo
  • Fuel: diesel
  • Manufacturers: Volvo Chassis – Saxon bodywork


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