London Fire Brigade

Merryweather Maudsley emergency tender

This emergency tender was an A-type with built-in generator. 

It carried proto-oxygen and compressed air breathing apparatus kits, as well as oxy-acetylene cutting equipment, delta chemical protection suits, resuscitation devices, heavy lifting gear and emergency lighting equipment. 

During this period there were two emergency tenders that covered the whole of London.

They were extremely busy vehicles, dealing with all kinds of 'special service' incidents, as well as attending any fires requiring additional breathing apparatus presence and all fires attended by more than eight pumps (fire engines).

Technical information

  • Crew: five or six firefighters
  • Equipment: hot and cold cutting equipment, delta (later Draeger) chemical protection suits, lifting jacks, lighting, breathing apparatus, 3Kw fixed generator
  • Speed: 35-40mph
  • Engine: AEC
  • Fuel: diesel
  • Manufacturers: Merryweather and Sons


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