London Fire Brigade

Leyland limousine dual purpose pump

The Leyland limousine dual purpose pump was designed to be streamlined and ultra modern, setting the style for subsequent enclosed models.

Although the crew now had a roof over their heads, it will be noted that there were no windows in the cab doors.

The first ever diesel fire engine was part of this Leyland fleet. 

The ability to carry breathing apparatus (BA) inside the cab made the kit easier and quicker to use - meaning this particular model was later referred to as a 'BA pump'.

The design for these appliances was specific to London Fire Brigade and very similar machines were built by Dennis and Merryweathers.

Technical information

  • Crew: maximum of six firefighters
  • Equipment: 40ft (12m) Ajax extension ladder or 50ft (15m) wheeled escape, single hose reel hook ladders, delivery hose, suction hose, foam making equipment, small gear, 60 gallons of water
  • Pumping capacity: 800-1,000 gallons per minute
  • Engine: Leyland
  • Speed: 45mph
  • Fuel: petrol
  • Manufacturers: Leyland Motors Ltd


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