London Fire Brigade

Dennis Pax foam tender

Introduced in the 1920s, foam tenders were designed to combat fires in volatile liquids such as oil, working on the principle of blanketing the fire. 

They carried a large amount of foam compound in an integral tank, which when mixed with water, provided large quantities of foam.

Modern foam tenders carry containers of foam compound and foam generators. The chemical makeup of foam compound has changed significantly over the years with improvements in science.

The image below shows a mechanical bulk foam tender from Battersea Fire Station with the crew demonstrating the mechanical foam branches, which where carried on-board.

Technical information

  • Crew: two firefighters
  • Equipment: foam making branches, delivery hose, foam generators, 400 gallon foam compound tank, built-in foam generating pump
  • Pumping capacity: 500 gallons per minute (this would generate large amounts of foam)
  • Speed: 40mph
  • Engine: Perkins
  • Fuel: diesel
  • Manufacturers: Dennis Brothers


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