London Fire Brigade

Dennis F7 and F12 dual purpose appliances

The Dennis F7 was the first 'modern' fire appliance to enter service after World War II.

The demand for the F7s to replace the heavy units and other pre-war vehicles was so high that initially the Home Office had to strictly allocate them to the various brigades.

The similar F12 model soon followed and many of these particular vehicles entered the fire service sector through the Brigade.

However, despite the F12s Rolls Royce straight-eight petrol engines being very powerful, they seldom returned more than two miles to the gallon.

When operating as a pump escape these vehicles also carried a first floor ladder.

Technical information

  • Crew: four to six firefighters
  • Equipment: 17 lengths of delivery hose, suction hose, twin hose reels, breathing apparatus (on pumps), rescue lines hook ladders, 100 gallon water tank and either a 50ft (15m) wheeled escape with first floor ladder or 28ft (8m) Dewhurst extension ladder
  • Pumping capacity: 800-1,000 gallons per minute
  • Speed: up to 60mph
  • Engine: Rolls Royce
  • Fuel: petrol  
  • Manufacturers: Dennis Brothers


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