London Fire Brigade

Dennis F127 breakdown lorry

The Brigade was the first in the country to recognize the need for extra heavy lifting equipment.

At first it used a Leyland lorry with a beam crane and tripod hoist but in 1936 a purpose-built breakdown lorry with a Herbert Morris rotating crane was put into service.

This vehicle attended road accidents and any other 'special service' where lifting gear or hot cutting equipment was required.

It was replaced in 1961 with another similar vehicle and finally in 1970 the last LFB breakdown lorry came into service. It was mounted on a Dennis F127 chassis and carried the original crane from the 1936 vehicle.

Technical information

  • Crew: two firefighters
  • Equipment: Herbert Morris rotating crane, oxy-acetylene hot cutting plant, London Transport Executive heavy lifting jack, hydraulic jacks, a towing 'ambulance', large steel shod lever, slings, wooden wedges and blocks
  • Speed: 35-40mph
  • Engine: Perkins
  • Fuel: diesel
  • Manufacturers: Dennis Brothers


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