London Fire Brigade

Dennis F108/F109 dual purpose fire engine

More than 160 Dennis F108s and F109s were supplied to the Brigade from the late 1960s through to the mid 1970s. Almost every station housed an F108 or F109.

Although identical to look at, the difference between them was that the F109 had an automatic gearbox.

The vehicles could be used as a pump or a pump escape and featured a large 300 gallon water tank instead of the earlier 100 gallon versions.

In later years, when wheeled escapes were withdrawn, many of these appliances were converted to carry the aluminium 135 ladders (44ft / 13.5m). These vehicles were called pump-ladders.

The model was also fitted with a high pressure pump, which increased the power of the hose reels.

Technical information

  • Crew: four to six firefighters
  • Equipment: 17 lengths of delivery hose, suction hose, branches, lines, breathing apparatus, 300 gallon water tank, high pressure hose reels, hook ladders, Dewhurst extension ladder or wheeled escape or 135 alloy ladder
  • Pump Capacity: 1,000 gallons per minute
  • Speed: 60mph+
  • Engine: Perkins V8
  • Fuel: diesel
  • Manufacturers: Dennis Brothers


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